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Sea Castle
The dwelling complex in Jurmala, in Bulduri
Construction is started

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Characteristics of the project

!!! Company “Interhaus” announces beginning of sales in dwelling complex “Sea Castle”. Limited supply. With all questions concerning purchasing please contact sales department of company “Interhaus”. Office phone (371) 7811156. Mobile (371) 6459962. Helena.

On October, 1, 2004, company "InterHaus" started construction of a dwelling complex “Sea Castle”. Delivery in operation of dwelling complex is planned on October, 1, 2005. More detailed information about this project is available at www.interhaus.lv.


The plot under construction of a complex with area 6508 sq.m. is in Jurmala, in Bulduri, on crossing of prospectuses Bulduru and Vienibas, to the address: Bulduru prospectus 33.

Unique feature of the given project is arrangement of the dwelling complex directly on coast of gulf of Riga, on distance of 100 meters from seacoast. At the same time distance up to the Riga airport - 8 kilometers, up to the center of Riga - 18 kilometers. The city infrastructure is well developed in area of the dwelling complex, a health-improving complex is nearby located, there is also a sports-entertaining complex and a supermarket in 10-15 minutes of walking. High quality of the Bulduri beach is confirmed with the Blue Flag.


The project will consist of three buildings - two four-storeyed modern new buildings and one three-storeyed restored building-monument of architecture. It is planed to construct 52 apartments, the area of apartments is from 76 sq. m. up to 148 sq. m. There will be a cafe and a confectioner's shop, grocery shop and branch of bank on ground floors of buildings. The protected parking place on 120 motor vehicles will be constructed under the complex. 5 lifts (KONE) will be located in the complex (from underground garage up to last floor).

The dwelling complex will be equipped with :

  • autonomous gas boiler-house;
  • heating and air conditioning systems;
  • ventilation and air recuperation systems;
  • filters for water treating;
  • Internet connection via RadioLink;
  • cable television;
  • several telephone numbers per apartment;
  • security system and fire alarm system;
  • system of video observation.

The internal lay-out of apartments can changed at the request of clients.

More detailed information about this project is available at www.interhaus.lv.

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Customer :
SIA "InterHaus"
Investments into the project :
SIA "InterHaus"
in cooperation with A/S Hansabanka.
Architectural bureau :
General contractor :
Piejūras 1a-1, LV-2008, Jūrmala, e-mail: info@interunico.lv